Have Your Wine And Still Get Into Bikini Shape

I know many women are curious about the technical side about the effects of wine on weight loss and bikini or figure competitions. Here is a video of how exactly wine will affect your body.

Basically, drinking wine in most cases will cause an insulin spike to your body. What happens next after this insulin spike is that your body’s metabolism rate will then suddenly crash drastically as a result. This means that most kinds of food that you take right after drinking wine will usually be stored as fats. However, most people drink wine as a starter and not necessarily as the last thing after a meal.

Therefore, one good way to lower the impact of the metabolism crash and insulin spike in your body as a result of drinking wine is to simply eat fewer calories on the days you drink wine.

Additionally, you might want to keep your metabolism rates high by working out on the mornings of those days that you know you would be drinking wine. This is because your metabolism rate increases on the days you exercise, and this will serve to reduce the impact of wine drinking and will hence decrease the impact of wine on you getting into bikini competition shape.

Putting Together A Bikini Competition Diet Plan

Even despite many posts on Wine90 explaining to women that drinking wine and getting into bikini competition shape does not need to be mutually exclusive, there are many women out there who are still deathly afraid of this. So let me clear this up once and for all by integrating wine into a full diet plan for bikini competition that you can put to use immediately. This message goes out to all women going to compete in bikini competitions around the world: please don’t worry and just follow my advice below.

First of all, as always, plan your macros properly. If your macros are well planned, you would be able to easily integrate your wine intake into it. The problem is not with wine – it’s with lack of self discipline and that’s the key reason behind women who failed to drink wine and get into bikini shape. Because these women who failed never knew how much their limits should be, they do not adhere to it and so over consume the amount of wine that they really should be drinking.

Second of all, never go on binge drinking. No matter how upset or happy you are, you should not binge drink – that is a very bad habit and you should never do it. The moment you keep mixing around with friends who binge drink for no reasons, you would find it harder and harder to get into bikini competition shape. As mentioned above, do it in moderation.

Third of all, never drink wine in replacement of food. I have no idea why, but there are women who might get too stressed out by the pressures of winning the bikini stage competition that they resort to drinking wine and sometimes choose not to take their meals at all. Do not make this cardinal mistake, please.

Integrating wine with carb cycling plans

Carb cycling is a famous dieting concept presently. If you google for “carb cycling”, you will be able to find a lot of articles on it. Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts adopt this concept of carb cycling in their daily routine to reduce body fats and aid in building of lean muscles.

To sum it up, carb cycling is rotating between diets with high carbohydrates and diets with low carbohydrates every day. On the surface, you may be perplexed and wonder what’s the rationale behind it. However, you may have guessed it if I tell you that carb cycling is linked to the fitness regime. Your fitness regime needs to be rotating between high intensity workouts and low intensity workouts every day too.

This concept is simple – on the days of your high intensity workouts, you will also be having a diet with high carbohydrates. Likewise, on the next days of your low intensity workouts, you will be having a diet with low carbohydrates. The purpose of having a high carbohydrates diet on the days where you will be having high intensity workouts is to provide you with that extra energy to push through and challenge those high intensity workouts. As long as you are able to persevere through the workouts and ensure that you burn more calories than you consumer, you will definitely slim down. On the days you will be having low intensity workouts, there is no point to consume a diet with high carbohydrates. Hence, you will be sticking with low carbohydrates diet to ensure your calories consumed does not exceed your calories burned.

Many people are afraid to consume alcohol during a period where they would like to slim down due to myths that alcohol will make a person fat. That is not true! As mentioned multiple times in my previous posts, what’s important is ensuring that you calculate your macros and calories properly and ensure that you do not consume more calories than you will burn. This is always the golden rule.

Integrating wine into the carb cycling plan, I would recommend drinking more during the nights of your high intensity workouts than the nights of your low intensity workouts. There are two reasons for this. One is that you will be able to sleep better on the night of your high intensity workout day, thus better promoting the repair of your body and muscles. Two is that you can afford to be more tipsy on the days of your low intensity workouts rather than on the days of your high intensity workouts. On days of high intensity workouts, I will advice you to stay focused and sharp and persevere through the entire exercise routine.

12 weeks bikini competition diet plan with wine

I have received quite a number of emails and comments asking me to provide additional insights or elaborate on my previous post “integrating wine into a bikini competition diet plan“. The main takeaway from the previous post is to plan your macros properly, and include wine inside your diet plan. As long as the total number of calories on a daily basis is controlled, you shouldn’t be gaining weight. Instead, even if you are drinking wine on a frequent basis, as long as the total number of calories you consumed (including the calories that you take in through wine consumption) is less than the total number of calories you burned, you will be losing weight and on your way to a slimmer body.

I shall provide a more detailed bikini competition diet at 12 weeks out here in this post. With 12 weeks left to your bikini competition, you should focus on losing weights if you have a noticeable tummy. Cut down on carbohydrates and fats, and exercise more. Ideally, you should consume more salads, fruits and lean meat to reduce carbohydrate and fats intake, while having the necessary amount of macro-nutrients and vitamins to keep your body running healthily. At this point of time, you can still afford to drink up to a maximum of 5 cups of wine each day. Just take note of the calories you take in and remember to exercise more to burn the same or more amount of calories each day. Do not drink more than 5 cups of wine if you are not a frequent drinker as you may start to experience hangover which may impact your sleeping schedule and exercise intensity, both of which will affect your weight loss program.

With 6 weeks left to your bikini competition, you should focus on toning your tummy muscles a little. Add heavier weights to your workout regime as working out with heavier weights will cause some muscle soreness which will eventually translate into leaner muscles. Still, do not exceed more than 5 cups of wine each day.

With a week left to your bikini competition, I will recommend you sticking to the plan above but try to cut your wine intake to maximum of 1 cup each day. You will want to reduce the numbing effects alcohol have on your brain as bikini competitions have some components which require the contestants to answer some tricky questions. You will want to stay sharp in order to answer the questions well.

Integrating Wine Into A Bikini Competition Diet Plan

If you are like me, you probably love wine and do not have any clear intentions to give it up. However, you also need to win your bikini competition that you have enrolled in. Therefore, how would your love of wine and bikini competitions mix with each other? Is there actually a way to integrate wine into your bikini competition diet plan effectively so much so that it might even help boost your results?

The answer is thankfully – yes! There is a way to drink wine on a frequent basis and still get into bikini shape (at least up till within 2 weeks of the competition).

First of all, you need to make sure that your macros are calculated properly first. This should be done while keeping in mind your final bikini competition shape goal versus your current body. With that in mind, you would then plan out you macros. It is important that you plan out your macros first – because when you macros are done properly, it is very easy to integrate wine into it.

You want to ideally classify wine as having some carbohydrates (in the form of simple sugars) as well as fats. Then you need to arrange your macro planning around your potential wine drinking days… as well as give some extra allocation to it in case you want to prepare for days where you might suddenly want to drink more wine!

Second of all, like with all things to do with your bikini competition diet plan, you should never take too much of a particular food. This applies to drinks as well such as wine. Don’t go overboard with drinking wine as that may disrupt your bikini competition diet plan. Even when it comes to something supposedly as ‘healthy’ as vegetables, there is also such a thing as over-eating – so make sure not to over drink alcohol!

In conclusion, plan your macros, and drink wine while preparing for your bikini competition. Just make sure never to over do it. Self control is key to everything.

How much macros wine contains

For the health conscious, let me repeat this again – there are simply no correlation between consumption of wine and your body weight. The strongest evidence is to go out there and see for yourselves. A lot of wine drinkers are far from being obese. In fact, many of whom are very slim and healthy looking. You can read on the forums and celebrity news that a lot of celebrities enjoy drinking wines. Some even claimed that they will drink at least a cup of wine daily.

To further substantiate my claim, I will explain the concept of macros and discuss the amount of macros wine contains in this post.

Macros is the short-form of macronutrients. There are 3 main types of macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. There are different uses for these macronutrients in our bodies. Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, each of them serves an important function in our bodies. Carbohydrates are mainly used for energy, sustaining our lives and daily activities. Proteins are mainly used for the building and synthesis of muscles. Fats are mainly used as a cushion to keep our bodies warm, assist in vitamin absorption, hormone regulation, and sustaining our brain functions.

Next, an important question – how to count macros?

We can count macros in the form of calories. One gram of carbohydrates yield 4 calories. One gram of proteins yield 4 calories. One gram of fats yield 9 calories. Interestingly, one gram of alcohol yields 7 calories (alcohol is actually classified as the 4th macronutrients). Hence, to find out the total amount of calories you will be taking in through the consumption of wine, take a good look at its nutrition label on the wine bottle.

In order not to gain weight, you will just have to be sure that your daily intake of calories do not exceed your daily calories burn rate. If you drink more on certain days, then try to eat less to accumulate less calories and hence, conversion of these macronutrients into fats. If there are excess calories in your bodies, the macronutrients will be converted into fats and stored in your body.

Drinking Wine And Losing Weight?

Now, it may sound like a serious paradox when I say that you can drink wine and lose weight at the same time – especially when many people whom you see drink lots of wine are really obese (or rather, have a big belly). So am I exaggerating when I say that? I’m not and I shall explain in the following article why I dare to say this. In fact, a famous personal coach Jeff Kuh also explains the following concepts and principles on his website Wet Wolf Training though he doesn’t refer to wine directly.

1) It is not wine that makes you gain fat – it’s the amount of calories you take in through your diet versus the amount that you actually burn through exercises. If you drank one bottle of wine a day, and only water for the rest of the day, you will probably get liver issues but you will lose weight at an insane rate. You get it? It has nothing to do with wine, but everything to do with the macros you take and the total amount of calorie surplus or deficit that actually matters if you want to get into bikini competition shape.

2) Will wine on top of a normal diet make you gain lots of fat? Well, it depends on how much you take of it. For example, even if you were to take an excessive amount of vegetables only in your diet, you will still gain fats. Macros do constitute a considerably big portion in helping you get into bikini shape but amount of calories take an even bigger portion.

3) You should understand that it’s perfectly fine to take a little bit of wine (perhaps even every week) up till the last 3 weeks of your bikini competition. After which, it would genuinely be much better if you abstained from it to really focus on getting your diet really clean to get into truly ripped shape down to the last few % of body fat to prepare for your on stage performance for your bikini competition.