How much macros wine contains

For the health conscious, let me repeat this again – there are simply no correlation between consumption of wine and your body weight. The strongest evidence is to go out there and see for yourselves. A lot of wine drinkers are far from being obese. In fact, many of whom are very slim and healthy looking. You can read on the forums and celebrity news that a lot of celebrities enjoy drinking wines. Some even claimed that they will drink at least a cup of wine daily.

To further substantiate my claim, I will explain the concept of macros and discuss the amount of macros wine contains in this post.

Macros is the short-form of macronutrients. There are 3 main types of macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. There are different uses for these macronutrients in our bodies. Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, each of them serves an important function in our bodies. Carbohydrates are mainly used for energy, sustaining our lives and daily activities. Proteins are mainly used for the building and synthesis of muscles. Fats are mainly used as a cushion to keep our bodies warm, assist in vitamin absorption, hormone regulation, and sustaining our brain functions.

Next, an important question – how to count macros?

We can count macros in the form of calories. One gram of carbohydrates yield 4 calories. One gram of proteins yield 4 calories. One gram of fats yield 9 calories. Interestingly, one gram of alcohol yields 7 calories (alcohol is actually classified as the 4th macronutrients). Hence, to find out the total amount of calories you will be taking in through the consumption of wine, take a good look at its nutrition label on the wine bottle.

In order not to gain weight, you will just have to be sure that your daily intake of calories do not exceed your daily calories burn rate. If you drink more on certain days, then try to eat less to accumulate less calories and hence, conversion of these macronutrients into fats. If there are excess calories in your bodies, the macronutrients will be converted into fats and stored in your body.

Drinking Wine And Losing Weight?

Now, it may sound like a serious paradox when I say that you can drink wine and lose weight at the same time – especially when many people whom you see drink lots of wine are really obese (or rather, have a big belly). So am I exaggerating when I say that? I’m not and I shall explain in the following article why I dare to say this. In fact, a¬†famous personal coach Jeff Kuh also explains the following concepts and principles on his website Wet Wolf Training though he doesn’t refer to wine directly.

1) It is not wine that makes you gain fat – it’s the amount of calories you take in through your diet versus the amount that you actually burn through exercises. If you drank one bottle of wine a day, and only water for the rest of the day, you will probably get liver issues but you will lose weight at an insane rate. You get it? It has nothing to do with wine, but everything to do with the macros you take and the total amount of calorie surplus or deficit that actually¬†matters if you want to get into bikini competition shape.

2) Will wine on top of a normal diet make you gain lots of fat? Well, it depends on how much you take of it. For example, even if you were to take an excessive amount of vegetables only in your diet, you will still gain fats. Macros do constitute a considerably big portion in helping you get into bikini shape but amount of calories take an even bigger portion.

3) You should understand that it’s perfectly fine to take a little bit of wine (perhaps even every week) up till the last 3 weeks of your bikini competition. After which, it would genuinely be much better if you abstained from it to really focus on getting your diet really clean to get into truly ripped shape down to the last few % of body fat to prepare for your on stage performance for your bikini competition.